Gear Patrol




Beer and golf are the perfect pair — so why not engineer their love child? The Ranger’s first job is to carry enough balls (72) to help you perfect your swing on the range; its second is to keep six oat sodas cold for refreshment on the back nine.



Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol’s mission is to help guys make the most of their time on planet Earth. What began eight years ago as a side project has evolved into a resource and gathering place for men to discover new ideas, products and places. Independently designed and published in New York, Gear Patrol combines the speed and agility of digital with a passion for storytelling and reader experience long cultivated in print. Our team of editors, writers, directors and photographers travels the world in search of stories not told anywhere else. We share them in the spirit of adventure.



Gear Patrol - Who We Are from Gear Patrol on Vimeo.