Jones X Greyson Den of Thieves

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The eyes see what they want to see, and the brain processes what it wants to know. The camo's beauty and the curse is the strong ability to hide and play tricks on the eyes, changing how we process information. Looking beyond the tricks that camo can play and looking into the Den of Thieves print lines, one can see the truth that lies there.  Strength, loyalty, and honor reside at the center of these prints. With the wolf as our focal point, we move forward with the same energy and intelligence as the wolf.

Each Sunday in November, a different custom hand-painted Greyson x Jones golf bag will be released in limited quantities and ship in time to celebrate the holidays in awe-inspiring style.

**All Sales Final**

  • Hand Painted
  • Top: 7.5” / 3 way divider / Length: 35"
  • Pockets: 3 (2) front (1) back
  • Material: Jones vinyl
  • Shoulder Strap: Single Strap
  • Weight: 3.4lbs
  • Hardware: Gunmetal

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