Inherited Traditions, Continued Innovation

Founder George Jones designed bag elements that fit the form of producing golf bags by hand in Portland, Oregon. Over time the function of these signature elements created a unique focal point in the game. Our Jones Sports Co. design ethos is centered around the heritage roots established by George Jones over 50 years ago.

Signature Design Elements

Our three signature design elements have been woven throughout our product line since 1971. Generations of golfers have become familiar with the look of The Original Jones carry bag. We continue to design products allowing these three signature design elements to prosper for a new generation of golfers.

Circle Bottom

The signature circle bottom was developed in order to make production more efficient. The Jones logo was conceptualized using the circle bottom mold.

Twisted Handle

The twisted handle was developed to hold a golf towel securely on the bag while walking.

Double Zipper

The Double zipper allowed golfers to access the pockets while carrying the bag.

The Original Jones

A George Jones masterpiece